ACTION: Contact Your Politicians

Here we go again. The now-annual expansion campaign by Tweed New-Haven Airport is looming over the East Shore, Morris Cove, and East Haven. Mayor Harp has ripped up the regional Memorandum of Agreement that stops additional runway paving, and Tweed boosters rushed House Bill 7143 through committee on March 21 despite a pile of objections by concerned citizens. HB 7143 would remove all restrictions on airport expansion, but we can stop it before it gets passed. We need to ask our politicians to listen to their constituents and say "NO!" to Tweed expansion.

We need a clear message to be sent:

  • Not one more foot of paving!

  • Not one more dollar of debt!

Paving the wetlands is an environmental disaster. Going into further debt service to do so is an economic disaster.

Please take 5 minutes to contact:

Example Testimony in Opposition to HB 7143:

"Tweed is not economically viable and expansion will not change that. MIT’s International Center for Air Transportation has performed a series of studies in the last 7 years examining small airports. These studies have concluded that commercial service will continue to decline at these airports - no matter what the airports do - as the industry has fundamentally changed how it does business..." - Dr. Kevin Buterbaugh

"There are known, well-researched negative health impacts of noise levels generated by the airplanes. The EPA -mandated efforts by Tweed Airport to insulate houses does nothing for people (or animals) when we are out of doors. Additionally, the noise abatement only impacts those homes with health-impacted levels of noise damage. There is a much wider sphere of residents who are impacted; and the numbers impacted will rise if the paving goes forward...." - Rachel Heerema

"The Economic Impact Analysis for Tweed by SH&E (paid by Tweed itself in 2011) includes dubious calculations. While visitors come to New Haven via the airport, they do not come because of the airport... The analysts speculated for example that each of the about 13,875 out-of-state-visitors arriving at Tweed would spend about $600 in the New Haven area. This total annual spending of $8,325,000 is presented by the authors as economic output thanks to the airport. Many of these visitors, however, are in town because of Yale, not because of Tweed..." - Dr. Claudia Bosch